StormUSA offers Hitting, Pitching and Catching Lessons. We are located in Corona, CA and offer different packages custom fit to your needs. Pick what best suits your Athlete, time constraints and budget.


We do accept payments by PayPal - please talk to your instructor on how

Single - $35

4 Pack - $125

10 pack - $300

Please show up on time to your lesson slot, as there are typically other students after your time slot.  Also, pitchers should try to show up 10 minutes before your lesson slot to warm up, for a more efficient use of your time with the instructor.

Instructors - Click on their name for their Bio

Bonnie Ebenkamp - Pitching Instructor

Anne Knobbe-Wells - Hitting, Catching Instructor

Christopher Wells - Hitting Instructor

Cancellation Policy

Due to the number of cancellations without proper notification, StormUSA will now enforce a cancellation fee.  Cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to lesson time or a Single Lesson Fee will be charged.   This fee is due before the next scheduled lesson.  As we know emergencies happen, the instructor has the right to waive the Cancellation Fee on a case-by case basis.